OFFSTAGE: Is Scotty McCreery’s Prom Date a Kenny Chesney Fan?

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I may be reading too much into this, but Scotty McCreery went to his prom Saturday (April 21), and I have a feeling his date is a Kenny Chesney fan. Because her Twitter bio says: “live to love & laugh a lot. (:” That, as you know, is a line from Chesney’s 2007 hit “Never Wanted Nothing More.” So I like this Gabi Dugal girl already. (She’s the one in the light blue and purple beaded prom dress in his Twitter photo.) McCreery tweeted a picture of the two of them with two other couples before they headed into prom, where it sounds like he revealed that he isn’t much of a dancer. “They prolly had some trouble w/ boys tonight tho! hahah.. #twoleftfeet,” he wrote. He must do better with the slow dances, though. One of his last tweets from the weekend was, “I requested @BradPaisley’s song ’Then’ as the one slow dance song of the night at prom yesterday. So thanks for yet, some more memories man!”

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