OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood Says “Gosh, No” to Baby

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Will Carrie Underwood have a baby? “Gosh, no.” For now, anyway. Underwood told ABC’s Nightline she is not having a baby anytime soon. Not because she is anti-baby or anything, but more because she wavers between whether or not she should start a family just yet. Which makes her just like any other 29-year-old — superstar or otherwise — trying to find the perfect time to have that first baby. “To be honest, one day I’m absolutely fine and happy and start legitimately thinking about the idea of having kids,” she said. “And another day, I’m like, ’Oh, gosh, no. No. What?'” One day, Underwood will stop hemming and hawing and have adorable babies with her husband Mike Fisher. Until then, she has Ace and Penny, her adorable canine babies, with her all the time. “They’re with me everywhere. I couldn’t imagine not having that little piece of home with me everywhere I go,” she told Nightline.

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