OFFSTAGE: Tim McGraw’s Favorite Tim McGraw Songs

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“Kill Myself,” “Something’s Broken,” “Please Remember Me” and “Red Ragtop.” If you ask Tim McGraw, those are some of the best songs he’s ever recorded. American Songwriter magazine did ask him about the stand-out singles from his decades-long career in Nashville. “Red Ragtop” he loves because it was a great song that told a story. “For me, it wasn’t about issues,” McGraw said. “It was about a poignant story. I think that sometimes you get caught up on what the issues are and not about what the story is. And musically I really liked the way that song sounded.” And he calls “Please Remember Me” as epic-sounding. “It’s one of those songs that is cinematic in a lot of ways. It always painted this vivid picture to me,” he said. Then McGraw explains which songs he wishes he’d be judged on. “Still to this day, my favorite songs on my albums are not necessarily singles. To me, the body of work is so much better or deeper than the singles are. If I had to pick a song for someone to judge my career, it would be ’Kill Myself’ or ’Something’s Broken’ — one of those kinds of songs,” he said of two tracks off his 2004 Live Like You Were Dying album. And Tim McGraw’s favorite Tim McGraw album? Everywhere. “To me, that’s one of my favorites. I think that was a watershed moment in my career and a watershed moment for me,” he told the magazine.