OFFSTAGE: Miranda Lambert Buries the Hatchet With Ashton Kutcher

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I told you Ashton Kutcher was not the bad guy. And now, at long last, Miranda Lambert agrees. After their one-sided Twitter fight (she was mad, he was apologetic), it looks like Lambert has finally forgiven him for allegedly making fun of country artists with his western-wear outfit at the ACM Awards in April. She and Two and a Half Men’s Kutcher were both at the Barnstable Brown Party in Louisville on Friday night (May 4) for the annual Kentucky Derby Eve event. And they must’ve made up because she tweeted a picture of the two of them saying, “@aplusk here it is y’all. He is sweet and loves country music! For real!:) and he likes randaritas!” (insert I’ll-Have-Another Derby joke here). Then during the actual running of the 138th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, Lambert reached out to Kutcher again, tweeting, “@aplusk where u at? I’m lucky today! I won!” with a photo of herself all dressed up and flashing about a dozen $100 bills.

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