OFFSTAGE: Keith Urban’s Two Cover Girls on Australian Harper’s Bazaar

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If anyone is heading Down Under for the string of Carrie Underwood shows in June, could you please pick up a few hundred thousand copies of Harper’s Bazaar while you’re there, so all the Keith Urban fans back here could enjoy them? All I have seen so far is the cover, which features the always gorgeous Mrs. Keith Urban (Nicole Kidman) with her arms and her jacket wrapped around her and Urban’s littlest girl Faith Margaret — who is turning away from the camera in that adorable way that only toddlers can get away with. And here’s the story behind that cover shoot. Both of Urban and Kidman’s daughters came to the photo shoot outside of Sydney after their naps (or “sleeps,” as they call them there). Then according to Bazaar , the photographer snapped some pictures for their own personal use, but they were just so good, that they decided to put them on the cover. And the Sydney Morning Herald reports that Kidman thinks the picture is good because Faith’s face is still hidden. “I feel it’s a really lovely way to celebrate being a mum and being a family, and they’re my daughters, and they’re Keith’s daughters [laughs] … you can see the hair,” she said.

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