OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood’s My-Bad Moment in “Before You Freak”

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Sure, Carrie Underwood has dueted with all the biggies, including Brad Paisley, Tony Bennett and Steven Tyler. But she saved Jimmy Kimmel for Thursday night (May 10) on Jimmy Kimmel Live . And it was so worth the wait to hear what Underwood calls “Before He Cheats (The Sequel).” It starts with Kimmel singing, “Last night, I went out to sing Huey Lewis karaoke with a bunch of the fellas/Last night, I’d just finished drinking my virgin margarita with a paper umbrella/Last night, I fumbled in my fanny pack looking for the key as I walked back to my truck, and I’m like, ’What the f**k?'” The chorus, with a twist, is, “Some crazy girl I never met before is taking a bat to my 4×4/I grab my head and give a high-pitched shriek.” Underwood explains, “My boyfriend’s being a total schmuck,” to which Kimmel replies, “I’m like, ’That may be, but that’s not his truck.'” She goes on to knock his Hello Kitty to the floor, break his bobblehead Al Gore and rip his poster of James Van Der Beek. His advice? Next time she should think before she freaks.

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