OFFSTAGE: Zac Brown’s Camp Southern Ground’s “No Hurry” Vibe

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When I watch Zac Brown Band’s “No Hurry” video, which I have over and over, I can’t help but think about the summer camp Brown is building. I mean, I can’t imagine a place that’s more hurry-less than camp. And when I caught up with Brown last month, he told me how this camp he’s building is coming along.

“We’re getting closer and closer every day, but it’s still a big mountain to climb. Right now, we are in the architectural phases. We have a full-time staff,” he said of the camp that will be set on 500-acres in the farmlands of Georgia. “It will completely level the playing field, ’cause you’ll have mainstream kids and underprivileged kids, then kids with developmental disorders. And the activities will overlap for all those kids. So say you go through a rope spider web. All the kids will have to rely on each other to get through it. That just breaks down all the barriers. That diversity is so valuable. It can change your life in one week’s time.”

As for the “No Hurry” song, Brown says it’s so perfect for right now.

“Sometimes it’s just a simple country state of mind, being laid-back and just trying to enjoy what’s around you,” he said. “That’s what the heart of that song is.”

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