Carrie Underwood Keeps Next Video a Secret

"Good Girl" Wins CMT Music Awards' Video of the Year

With just a few tweaks, Carrie Underwood turned “Good Girl” great.

Moments after winning the CMT Music Awards ’ video of the year, she chatted with about her reaction to the first draft of the stylish video which features the glamorous country star confidently strutting her stuff.

“The first time you watch a video, that’s never the final version! There’s so much happening in that video now, but believe it or not, there was even more happening! I was, like, ’My head is spinning after watching this!’ So we went back in and changed things around and calmed it down a little bit,” she said with a giggle.

As the night’s top winner, which was determined by fan voting, “Good Girl” sets the bar high for future projects. Underwood says she already has another video in the works, but she’s staying tight-lipped on the details.

“I kind of made a video, sort of, already because I had a little more time upfront this time while I was making the album. So things we knew at some point would be singles, we did that.”

Well, any word on the song?

Noooo,” she replied with a grin, “it’s super secret right now!”