OFFSTAGE: Reba Is a “Godsend” to Kelly Clarkson

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In this month’s Redbook magazine, Kelly Clarkson opens up about who she opens up to. And it is Reba McEntire. “Reba, definitely,” the American Idol says. “She’s the only one who really understands what I’m going through. I’m close with my mom, but Reba is more like an older sister. She’s been in the exact same situation. She’s a godsend.” It’s a good thing Clarkson is so close with Reba, since their worlds seem to be forever intertwined. The new love in Clarkson’s life is Brandon Blackstock, who is Reba’s stepson and her pal Blake Shelton’s manager. And to make the world even smaller, Brandon’s father — Reba’s husband Narvel Blackstock — is Clarkson’s manager. When the two started dating, Clarkson said he told them, “Go for it. Y’all are both great.” It sounds like Clarkson and Blackstock aren’t getting too serious too soon. But if and when they do, at least she will already have won the in-laws over.

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