OFFSTAGE: Tim McGraw Says Finding Scripts Is Like Finding Songs

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Isn’t it about time for Tim McGraw to make another movie? I mean, Country Strong was two years ago, and The Blind Side was three years ago. And at a media event Saturday (June 23) in Nashville, McGraw hinted he may or may not be looking at scripts. He just needs to find the right one. “The hardest thing is timing,” he explained. “You can read 50 scripts and not find anything that you like. It’s much like finding songs. You could listen to thousands of songs and find those magic things. For me, it all has to start with a script, of course. And if that’s not right, then nothing’s right.” He also talked about the commitment he makes when he signs on to do a movie. Not just during production, but during preparation, too. “I’m not at a point yet where I see that role and say it’s mine,” he said. And with two of his daughters in high school this fall and his wife Faith Hill working on a new album, the timing may be no good for movies. Same for Broadway. “There’s a new Broadway musical that I had to turn down. I wouldn’t say no to anything offhand, but I tend to, when it comes to movies, I sort of like the darker side,” McGraw said. “I like heavy movies, so I don’t know if you could find one that fits that criteria.” So, maybe another Friday Night Lights?

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