OFFSTAGE: Kelly Clarkson: Loved By Reba and Jason Aldean

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

On Tuesday (June 26), I wrote about what Kelly Clarkson thought of Reba McEntire. She’d used words like “godsend” and “older sister.” Today, I’ll share with you what Reba told Redbook magazine about Clarkson. “She’s a blast to sing and be onstage with. We love doing karaoke — especially singing backup for folks getting up to sing! She’s like a little sister to me and fits in with our business team and our family terrifically.” (No word, unfortunately, on where the two of them do this spontaneous karaoke backup singing. Otherwise, I’d say let’s all go.)

Jason Aldean also had nice things to say about Clarkson. “We always have a good time hanging backstage,” he said, adding that she is always sweet to his daughters who think she’s “the coolest.” And he shared a story about going out for margaritas and Mexican food after they performed on Ellen. But after reading the whole story, she must not eat much Mexican food anymore because she’s lost some weight and looks fabulous. She credits her busy schedule. “When I get busy, I don’t indulge in that vacation beer and pizza. So I lose weight,” she revealed. She also does cardio, runs and strength trains with her own body weight (no free weights because she builds muscle too easily.)

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