OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy: A New Power Couple?

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Until Taylor Swift has a wedding band on her left hand, we will never truly know if she’s in love. But, still, if she smiles at a guy, her fans care. And if she’s holding hands with a guy, the whole world seems to care. And is reporting that Swift was doing just that with Robert F. Kennedy’s grandson, Conor, 18. And also that a few months ago, Conor’s aunt Rory announced that Swift had written a song for the Kennedys. So you can see why fans have started labeling the couple TaCo. Swift herself says she can’t even read any so-called news about her love life because, as she toldĀ Access Hollywood, “I should just warn guys, ’This is what you can expect tomorrow on all these different blogs.'” But it’s hard to deny that love could be in the air when Good Morning America reports that the two were seen strolling on the beach, going out for pizza and jumping on a trampoline. And when the Boston Herald is reporting Swift went to mass with Kennedy at Our Lady of Victory Church in Cape Cod, Mass. So, Swift may say there’s nothing romantic going on. But if she’s going to church with Kennedy? That’s the sort of thing that really gets people talking.

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