OFFSTAGE: Faith Hill’s Secrets to a Happy Marriage

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Spontaneous combustion, indeed. Remember when Tim McGraw brought Faith Hill out on tour with him in 1996? It was chemistry at first sight. It was impossible not to see the love starting between them. And then, like in any good country song, they danced, they kissed, they got married. And now the couple is about to celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary. Hill’s advice on making it work? “You have to essentially like the person that you love. I think it’s important to laugh a lot and have a good time,” she recently told radio reporters. And knowing you aren’t perfect helps, too. She admitted she can be a little too Type A for McGraw’s liking. McGraw only had two words of advice: Stay quiet. I hope the two have at least 16 more years together because the life of a cowboy is no good alone.

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