OFFSTAGE: How Taylor Swift Finds Her Happier Place

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Taylor Swift has no idea what the general perception is of her right now. That’s what she said during her live web chat Monday (Aug. 13) night. A fan from Montreal asked her about the misconceptions people had of her, and she said didn’t know, because she can no longer read the things that are written about her. And it’s good thing. “[That] lets me live in a place that’s happier and less self-aware,” Swift said. “I mean, I get to be self-aware in this living room and talking to you, but not aware of what the headlines are about me right now. It’s kind of like placing a higher priority on just being really happy, rather than being really super hyper-aware of the details of what people think of me right now.” She said the reason she stopped reading about herself was because so many people got the facts wrong. “I just don’t want to see anything that’s inaccurate. Because a lot of times what you’ll see is like, ’She was hanging out with so-and-so,’ and then it’s a picture of somebody else. I guess I’m just very detail-oriented where I’m like, ’That’s not the right ID of that person,'” she said. “If you read too many things about yourself that are a little bit incorrect, you start just kind of like obsessing over what people think about you.”

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