OFFSTAGE: Joe Jonas Is Not Taylor Swift’s “Lovely Ex-Boyfriend”

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We may never know who Taylor Swift’s new record-breaking single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is really about. In her live web chat earlier this week, she just said it was for her “lovely ex-boyfriend.” She didn’t specify which one. But if you ask one of her exes, Joe Jonas, he’s pretty sure he’s not the one. “I can say it’s not about me because I don’t think we’ve ever tried another time,” he said during a radio interview. “I think we’re cool.” The two dated briefly and then broke up in 2008. Plus, Jonas sounds like he actually loves this particular song and Swift’s concerts. “I think the song is great. Taylor does pop music really well, and I’m happy for her,” he said. “I haven’t really spoken to her recently, but I was able to go to her concert last year, and her show live is so phenomenal. … I would say anybody should go see it if they have a chance.”

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