OFFSTAGE: Luke Bryan Lyrics Even Stump Luke Bryan

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The Crown in the Dixie cup, I understand. Even the spilling of homemade wine, I get. But I never understood the lyric about a drip of honey on the moneymaker, a reference in chorus of Luke Bryan’s hit, “Drunk on You.” And guess what? Neither does he. I asked him on Saturday (Aug. 18) what that line meant. Like, does the girl literally have honey on her badonkadonk? And, if so, how did it get there, and is that somehow sexy to men? “I don’t know. I called one of the songwriters and I said, ’Rodney [Clawson], what the heck is drip of honey on the moneymaker?’ He goes, ’Heck, we don’t even know,'” Bryan told me. “But that’s the fun part. You can just leave it open. It doesn’t really make sense, but it’s awesome.” We agreed that it’s the same case with Tim McGraw’s nonsense line in “Where the Green Grass Grows,” about the camel buried in a big straw stack. But when I asked, again, what does one do with a girl who has honey right there, Bryan just said, “Get a biscuit?”