OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift Isn’t Ever Getting Back Together With Kevin Hart

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“What just happened?” That’s what Taylor Swift wants to know at the end of this run-in with comedian Kevin Hart. It’s not an actual run-in, mind you. More like a hysterical one-minute run-in being used to promote the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 6. Hart — the show’s host — barges into a green room where Swift is minding her own business, quietly strumming her guitar and singing, and he accuses her of writing her infectious new song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” about him. “Really? Taylor? For the last time, stop writing songs about me,” he says. Her response is, “This isn’t about you at all” and “I met you, like, one time, like two years ago, for five minutes.” Hart claims he does not want to be known as Mr. Ex-Taylor Swift. So it’s pretty obvious that Swift is not ever getting back together with Hart because they were never together in the first place. So we know Hart’s not the guy in the song. And we know that Joe Jonas isn’t the one, either. So who does that leave us with?