Randy Travis Issued Assault Citation After Altercation in Texas

Police Say Incident Stemmed From Argument on Church Parking Lot in Plano

Randy Travis made national headlines again Friday (Aug. 24) after law officers issued him a citation for assault following an altercation with a man in a church parking lot in Plano, Texas. However, a police spokesman told The Dallas Morning News the disturbance report did not indicate the singer was drunk or had been hospitalized, as had been reported by other media outlets.

Police responded to a call at Prestonwood Baptist Church around 10:30 p.m. Thursday (Aug. 23). Plano police spokesman David Tilley told the newspaper the incident stemmed from “an argument between an estranged husband and wife” and that the wife was determined to be the singer’s girlfriend.

“During our investigation, we determined Mr. Travis at some point physically assaulted an individual who was there,” Tilley said. “He was issued a citation for Class C simple assault, which in Texas can be anything from an unwanted push to a strike that didn’t cause pain or injury. Everybody refused transport. Nobody wanted to go to hospital.”

TMZ reported Travis was “extremely intoxicated.”

“I’ve got the report, and there’s no indication he was intoxicated at all,” Tilley told the newspaper. “Was he? I don’t know, but the report doesn’t say he was.”

The police spokesman described the episode as a routine disturbance, adding, “It so happens this one involves a high-profile person.”

The citation for simple assault marks the third time Travis’ behavior has put him in the national spotlight this year — and the second time the circumstances involved a Baptist church parking lot.

In February, he was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of suspicion of public intoxication after he was found with an open bottle of wine outside the First Baptist Church in Sanger, Texas.

Earlier this month, he was arrested for alleged drunk driving and threatening law enforcement officers after wrecking his car in a construction area near his home in Tioga, Texas.