OFFSTAGE: Mrs. Brad Paisley Joins Nashville

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Nashville is bringing in some genuine Nashville talent for its first season. Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Brad Paisley’s wife, is going to be on multiple episodes of the new ABC drama. According to , she’ll play the part of Peggy Samper, the ex-girlfriend of Teddy Conrad, who is currently married to Rayna Jaymes. Jaymes, played by Connie Britton, is the country music superstar at her peak but whose popularity is waning. And from what I gather from the show’s official website, Jaymes’ label is forcing her to go on tour opening for a “disrespectful, untalented, little vixen.” Meanwhile, Conrad is going to run for mayor of Nashville. You still with me? I know it’s complicated. But what I’m hoping is that having Williams-Paisley play the important role of the ex means that there will be plenty of opportunities to feature country songs about exes, (Miranda Lambert’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”), love gone wrong (Dierks Bentley’s “You’re Dead to Me”) and looking back on first loves (Paisley’s own “Letter to Me”).

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