OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift: “Let’s Just Argue”

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You know that scene in Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” video where she’s fighting with her ex in the toy pickup truck? That’s when she told her co-star Noah Mills, “Let’s just argue.” Mills, who has done quite a bit of modeling and some very steamy stuff when he played concrete worker/lover in the 2010 film Sex in the City 2, told MTV News he followed Swift’s direction. “We did that a couple of times. She’s yelling at me, and I’m yelling back at her, and then she jumps out of the car and sings a line of the song,” he said. When he signed up for the video, he didn’t know if the theme would be dreamy or dark, but it sounds like working with Swift and director Declan Whitebloom was great work if you can get it. “They like to keep it light and jokey. It’s really smart, really witty and really quick,” he said of the rapport between Swift and Whitebloom. As for shooting the video in one take, Mills said they all had to keep doing it over and over. “You just have to kind of wait until you get that one take where everything’s in it,” he said. Mills, who seems to be hooked on Twitter and Instagram , only posted one picture from the shoot last week, saying, “@taylorswift music video ha ! Never ever?”