OFFSTAGE: Simon Cowell Thinks The Voice Premiere Will Backfire

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Did you think that all the competition on reality shows happened on the stage? Simon Cowell has just proven otherwise. It appears that a lot of the rivalry is actually happening behind the scenes. Cowell told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Tuesday (Sept. 11) that his find-a-singer show, The X Factor, was not supposed to have to compete with that other find-a-singer show The Voice. (Ironically, he didn’t even mention the other find-a-singer show he launched, American Idol.) “We’ve had the schedule set for months. They were gonna go Monday-Tuesday. We were gonna go Wednesday-Thursday. And then they waited till the last second to announce that they were going to put a third show up against our premiere because they wanted to spoil our premiere,” Cowell said. Why he thinks the two show’s networks — NBC and Fox — should be in cahoots about the premiere schedule is beyond me. But he went on and on about why NBC extended The Voice’s premiere into Wednesday night. “I think what happened was they got wind of how good our first episode is, and they’ve done this because they don’t want people to see them [co-hosts Britney Spears and Demi Lovato] on the show,” he theorized. “I think that when you play with the audience and you start messing around saying, ’Now you can’t watch both shows,’ it’s a spoiling tactic. My gut feeling is, I think this is going to backfire on them.” The X Factor premieres Wednesday night (Sept. 12).

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