OFFSTAGE: Will Nicole Kidman Be an Unofficial American Idol Judge?

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Technically, Nicole Kidman is not sitting at the judges’ table on American Idol during the upcoming season. But since her husband Keith Urban is, she told Ryan Seacrest she’d be watching. “Yeah! Next year, I’ll be there,” she said on the red carpet at Sunday’s (Sept. 23) Emmy Awards . “This year, I’m in France. I’m playing Grace Kelly, actually.” (That movie Kidman is starring in, Grace of Monaco, won’t be in theaters until 2014, though. And it’s being filmed in Monaco on the French Riviera. But by 2013, it sounds like she’ll be back in Hollywood, ready to give Urban her point of view on the contestants.) Urban chimed in, too, telling Seacrest, “I’m very glad you’re there. I’m glad Randy’s there. It’s a good comfort level!”