Carrie Underwood Reflects on VH1’s Unplugged

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Not to give too much away, but Carrie Underwood will be performing several of her past hits and three tracks from her latest album, Blown Away, on VH1 Unplugged: Carrie Underwood Presented by State Farm. You can watch the entire episode now on or tune in when VH1 Presents: Carrie Underwood Unplugged airs Tuesday (Oct. 2) at 7 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.

In an interview for the special, the Oklahoma native admits that technology has forced her to pinpoint a select audience when she’s working on new songs.

“There is a problem with trying out new material,” she says. “Everyone has their phones, and there’s YouTube, and they have things like that, so it gets really difficult to really go out and test new things and try new things. For me, I use the people around me as my test audience — my mom, my husband and my friends. … I think they are pretty honest with me.”

Unlike her current Blown Away tour, the Unplugged performance finds Underwood in a much smaller, more intimate setting.

“People are just expecting to relax and have kind of a quiet nice evening,” she says. “It’s kind of like taking a group of friends out to dinner versus going to a giant party. It’s just a different thought process. … It’s just two different things, but sometimes it really is just nice to stand and sing. It’s not about all the gadgets and the stuff and the screens and the sound effects and things like that. It’s just music and singing, and it’s really nice.”

Underwood says the Unplugged appearance is a significant moment in her career.

“You look at some of the other artists that have done it, and I am definitely in amazing company,” she notes. “And it’s just a cool way to display music — stuff people have heard a thousand times before and some new stuff and kind of everything in between. We get to do a cover song.

“It’s just a really cool different thing for us. It’s so great being on tour and doing things all big and having this giant crowd in front of us, but sometimes it’s nice to do something just totally opposite than what you’ve been doing.”