OFFSTAGE: Is Brad Paisley Sending a Cow to Kenya?

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Note to self: If you make a bet with Brad Paisley, just know he will always make good on his end, whatever the outcome — even if it means sending a cow to Africa. That’s what happened Wednesday (Oct. 3) when Paisley told the morning air personalities on WYCD-FM/Detroit , “If you want to take [the cow] in person, I’m not kidding, I’ll do that. I’m all in. I mean, it sounds to me like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help out my fellow man, and I’m totally game. This sounds great!” The back story on this started back in 2007 and has now resulted in a return trip to Africa. So the show’s Steve Grunwald is bringing this cow he promised to the chief of the Massai tribe next week as part of a dowry offer to help sustain the tribe and its village. Unfortunately, Paisley has tour dates in Louisiana next week. Otherwise, I’m sure he would’ve actually gone. Maybe. But he did promise financial support for Grunwald’s journey. I’m guessing it’s not cheap to transport a cow to Nairobi, Kenya. In return, Grunwald is naming the cow Paisley. “Man, it’s really cool — and very odd. I’m flattered and shocked that this is still going on,” Paisley said. And as for having the cow named after him, Paisley added, “I’ve definitely arrived.”