Lady Antebellum Preview Their New Concert Film

Own the Night 2012 World Tour Will Be Available in December

Lady Antebellum owned the big screen Thursday night (Oct. 11) as the trio unveiled their live concert film during a private screening in Nashville. Own the Night 2012 World Tour features performances from the trio’s concert in Little Rock, Ark., along with a plethora of behind-the-scenes footage from the group’s early days to present.

Set for release on Dec. 4, the film will be available on DVD, Blu-ray and through digital retailers.

Prior to the screening, Hillary Scott expressed the group’s gratitude to fans in attendance.

“Each and every one of you who are here — whether we’ve met you in person or not — you mean the world to us because you allow us to do what we love to do. And this tour has just been a dream come true and such a blessing, and we really don’t take it for granted.”

The group sold more than 1 million tickets during the course of their Own the Night 2012 tour, which took them to more than 100 cities in 11 countries.

Not only does the film include live performances of “Need You Now,” “Hello World,” “I Run to You” and many more of the group’s hits, but personal footage is also interspersed throughout, giving fans a front row seat to Lady Antebellum’s rise to fame.

Dave Haywood explained the concept behind the film to CMT Insider before the screening.

“We wanted to do a concert documentary to kind of follow this tour and document it, but also we’ve had a camera with us every day since the day we started and the first time we heard our song on the radio,” he said. “So we’ve got all these moments in this kind of package all in one place.”

The trio’s journey to stardom is captured in the 90-minute film as they go from performing acoustically in coffee shops and even a gas station in 2007, to their current status as reigning Grammy winners for best country album.

Charles Kelley explained with the help of the band’s friend and videographer, Adam Boatman, they were able to capture this unique footage.

“Our buddy that we grew up with, Adam, is the guy that’s been doing this with us for six, seven years,” Kelley said.

Regarding Boatman and the continuous presence of a camera, Kelley joked, “We always nag him when he pulls out the camera. We’re like, ’Come on man’, but we’re so glad we have it.”

Kelley had specific ideas about the direction he wanted the film to take.

“When we started talking about doing this, I said, ’Man, all the concert DVDs I’ve loved to watch the most are ones that combine a whole bunch of behind the scenes and what goes on before the show, how they get pumped up, what goes on after the show. So that’s the kind of stuff that I think our fans will think is pretty interesting.”

Behind-the-scenes footage also features the group’s innovative methods of writing and recording music while on the road, along with their connection with fans the world over. In fact, the trio appear especially humbled by the reaction they’ve received from fans overseas.

“We were in the backwoods of Norway and Denmark, and all these beautiful countries that I’ve never even visited, let alone to be over there playing these shows,” Haywood said. “They’re singing your songs just as if you’re at a big corn fest in Iowa somewhere.

“It felt like a lot of those shows back home, and those are moments where you kind of sit back and really go, ’Wow, this music is really traveling around the world and what a cool honor. It’s great we have all that captured and as a part of this documentary.”