CMT Blog: Cody Alan Chats With Anderson Cooper, Martina McBride

There is nothing quite like live television! On my visit to Anderson Live on Thursday (Oct. 25), hosted by news personality Anderson Cooper, you could feel the excitement and energy as the airtime of 9 a.m. got closer. Plus, with country star Martina McBride as a guest, we knew it would be a great show. The audience roared at 9 o’clock sharp with applause as Anderson popped out with Martina on his arm.

“The First 15” is Anderson’s live, first take on the news and stories of the day. With Martina co-hosting, the two bantered on everything from country music to “girlfriend pillows” to Hurricane Sandy. Anderson’s show is also keen on informing its viewers of everyday issues, including, on this day, how spyware can affect lives of women. American Pickers star Mike Wolfe wrapped up the jam-packed episode with a fun interview with Anderson on the cool stuff we can find in our used junk.

Overall, the vibe was fun, the topics were interesting and the show flew by fast! Afterwards I had the privilege of interviewing both Anderson and Martina. We discussed his love for hard news reporting, Martina’s tour plans and even the one celebrity interview Anderson hasn’t landed…yet!

Check your local TV listings for Anderson Live. And be sure to catch my interviews with Anderson Cooper and Martina McBride on CMT Radio Live !