OFFSTAGE: Keith Urban Dreams Big for American Idol

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It looks like all those nasty rumors that Keith Urban was disenchanted with American Idol are dead wrong. Phew! That’s because in this new commercial for the upcoming American Idol season , premiering in January, he looks pretty happy and kind of excited to be on the verge of making dreams come true.

After Randy Jackson says, “It’s almost that time of year, America,” Urban continues with, “The time to make dreams come true.” Back in September, Urban had told me he thought of American Idol as American Dream . “You know, you can come from absolutely nothing, from the tiniest town, and have this happen to you,” he’d said. “But what’s the chance of a kid from Australia making it here?”And now that his dream has come true, and then some, Urban appears to be ready to give a rookie a chance at that.

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