Dustin Lynch Takes CMT Insider Behind the Scenes

"She Cranks My Tractor" Video Debuts on CMT's Big New Music Weekend

Dustin Lynch knew that with a single called “She Cranks My Tractor,” he’d have to find a really sexy … um … tractor? Nope.

“We’ve got this really hot chick. She’s not scared of a tractor,” Lynch told CMT Insider on location of the video shoot. “She actually works on them, so the video opens up with a reveal of her working in the shop, working on a tractor. And then it has her out on a dirt road past the barn, driving a tractor. Then she’s hopping the fence, following the lyric of the song — definitely got her skinny dipping out here today, so that’s a good thing.”

Country fans can crank up the new video, along with premieres from the Avett Brothers and Randy Travis (from CMT Crossroads ), the Eli Young Band, Faith Hill, Aaron Lewis, Thomas Rhett and a collaboration by Train and Ashley Monroe as part of the network’s Big New Music Weekend , which begins Friday (Nov. 9).

In this interview, Lynch chats about co-writing the new single, sharing the spotlight with farm machinery and landing his breakthrough hit, “Cowboys and Angels.”

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CMT: You grew up around farming a little bit, right?

Lynch: A little bit, yeah. I grew up down the street from my buddy’s house. He had an Angus farm, so I was out there all the time helping him out. … I’ve been around tractors my whole life.

You co-wrote “She Cranks My Tractor.” Tell me how it all came about.

Yeah, I wrote the song with Brett Beavers and Tim Nichols. Tim Nichols is actually the co-writer for “Cowboy and Angels,” and Brett is my producer. We were writing another song when this idea came about. I was talking about some girl, I think from a show the weekend before, and I said “she cranks my tractor” in a sentence. Everyone’s head kind of popped up, like, “What?”

I don’t even know where I got it from — something that fell out. And immediately Brett was like, “Man, I’ll go there if you want to go there.” And I looked over at Tim, and he’s like, “Well, I’ve already gone there. Here’s a line: ’She’s 10 pounds of sugar in a five pound sack.'” And from there, it was like, “All right, it’s on. We’ve got it!”

This is your second video, so you’re feeling more comfortable, right?

No doubt. With “Cowboys and Angels,” I’d never shot a video, so it was really awkward having to learn. But I’ve learned to love the camera, so it was a lot easier. And, of course, I’m performing with the band like we do every night, so it was just get up there, do our thing and rock out.

So with the tractors in the video, you don’t have normal farming tractors.

Yeah, this is not the lawn mower. We’ve got a couple of tractors that are national champions, several times over, here. … It’s really neat to have not only an awesome chick on a tractor. We’ve got some stars of their own. I mean, these tractors in the tractor-pulling community are known all over the world, so it’s really cool to have them on set today.

I think that’s cool because a lot of people don’t realize that tractors can race.

That’s right. Growing up in Middle Tennessee, though, tractor-pulling is kind of a way of life. Chapel Hill, Tenn., has one of the biggest tractor pulls, and it’s an hour from here. We’re out in the heart of tractor-pulling, I guess.

“Cowboys and Angels” has done very well. How does it feel to have that success?

It’s changed my life. You put out a single and just hope that somebody hears it and it means something to someone. … That’s a dream to have your music heard all over the place, and with that said, the stories we’ve gotten back of how people relate to “Cowboys and Angels” has been wonderful. And so it’s one of those songs. I’m going to enjoy singing it the rest of my career. But “She Cranks My Tractor” is going to turn things around and step it up a bit, so I’m excited to see how it does.