OFFSTAGE: Is Taylor Swift America’s Next Top Model?

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When I read that Nigel Barker was the man behind the camera for this new Taylor Swift photo book, all I could think about was how Swift would’ve fared on America’s Next Top Model. Barker was a judge on Tyra Banks’ reality show for nearly a decade. He left the show in April of this year and said on his website he was going to “take on new projects and turn my attention to other business prospects in the worlds of fashion, beauty and entertainment.” So 8 Hours/Taylor Swift — all 60 pages of it — must be one of his new projects. And I love him for it. He’d always been the most reasonable judge and the one with a very natural artistic vision on the show that makes supermodels out of competing beautiful girls. So I’m sure the photos in this book will have Swift looking like an actual top model. Barker told Entertainment Weekly he was surprised by Swift’s sultry side. “She’s not necessarily known for her sex appeal,” he admitted. Starting Monday (Nov. 12), you can get the book when you buy a select camera at a Sony store nationwide. Ten copies, signed by both Barker and Swift, will be auctioned on eBay to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

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