OFFSTAGE: Brad Paisley Is Robert Pattinson’s Guitar Hero

OFFSTAGE: Brad Paisley Is Robert Pattinson's Guitar Hero

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Robert Pattinson can only play G and C chords on a guitar. So it’s a good thing he ran into Brad Paisley at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. The Twilight actor was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon recently (the same night Carrie Underwood was on) and talked about spending time in the special room upstairs (“where everything’s a quarter of a million dollars”) in the famous guitar shop. “There was a guy there in a baseball cap and he was just playing guitars,” Pattinson recalled. “And he was kinda one of those guitar-shop people who just seem really impressive, but he just seemed like a normal guy and was really sweet.” But still, Pattinson had no idea who Paisley was. “Every single time I touched a guitar they (the employees) were like, ’Do you want this guy to just play it?'” Even on Fallon’s show, the British-born actor had to think about who that guitar hero was. “What was his name? Who is like the most famous country guitarist?” Obviously, that man upstairs was Paisley. Pattinson ended up buying a couple of instruments that day. And what did he think of Nashville? “For the hour I was there, it seemed very lovely,” he said.

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