OFFSTAGE: Love Nashville? Then Be on Nashville

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

After watching Nashville on Wednesday night (Nov. 14), all I could think of was how I’d love to be on that show so I could tell Juliette to grow the hell up, tell Rayna there’s nothing wrong with country songs about moms and SUVs and tell Avery not to let the door hit him on the way out. But, unfortunately, I’m not on the show. You, however, can be. At least for a day. The show’s producers are looking for extras next week. So if you can be in Nashville on Tuesday (Nov. 20), you can be on Nashville. You’ll be a fan in the audience at a Rayna and Juliette concert. So you get to be seen on television and get to hear a free concert. They’ll just need you to cheer, applaud, sing along and move around the arena. Just like you would at a real concert in the Bridgestone Arena. Filming will be between 1:30-7 p.m., and they are only looking for adults 18 and over. And since this “concert” is supposed to be taking place in San Diego, the casting director has asked that you not wear winter clothes. Also, please leave the full-on western wear (cowboy hats, cowboy boots, pearl-snap shirts and bolo ties) at home.

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.