OFFSTAGE:  Carrie Underwood Calls “Cadillacs” Video “Juicy”

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We have to wait until January to see Carrie Underwood’s video for “Two Black Cadillacs.” But we do know this about it: It’s juicy. That’s what Underwood told radio station WYCD in Detroit . “When we were writing it, the story was just so juicy. It’s such a visual song, you can see it all playing out in your head when you’re listening to the song, so hopefully the video will complement that,” she said. It couldn’t really go any other way. In fact, the video practically produced itself — with cars in a slow parade at the funeral of a good man/good friend with a secret to hide. He’s being celebrated by his wife and that woman who loved him at night, taking turns laying roses down. You can even picture the liar’s wife calling the number on his cell phone. “This album kind of skews unintentionally darker. It definitely wasn’t something that was on purpose,” Underwood explained. You can watch the trailer for the video on Underwood’s official website.