OFFSTAGE: How Will Carrie Underwood Sound in The Sound of Music?

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I’ve known The Sound of Music by heart for as long as I can remember. Not just the songs but the film dialog, as well. It was just that movie for me — the one you watch over and over, and somehow it never gets old. I still cry when the von Trapps sing “So Long, Farewell” at the party, I still laugh when the children introduce themselves to their new governess (“I’m Liesl. I’m 16 years old, and I don’t need a governess.”), and my heart still soars when Captain von Trapp declares his love for his governess. But mostly, it’s the music that makes this movie so timeless. And that is why someone like Carrie Underwood — who has a timeless voice — is perfect to play governess and former nun Maria von Trapp in NBC’s live three-hour event next year. I can hear Underwood just as clearly as I hear Julie Andrews on songs like “Something Good” in the gazebo or “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” with Liesl after the von Trapp’s honeymoon, on “Do-Re-Mi” when she is teaching the Captain’s seven children to sing and at the Kaltzberg Festival when she sings “So Long, Farewell” as the family secretly leaves the festival and Austria. And obviously, Underwood is a natural to belt out that her heart wants to sing every song it hears on the title song that will open and close the show.

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