OFFSTAGE: Alison Eastwood to Marry CMT’s Chainsaw Gang Artist Stacy Poitras

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I’m not sure I’d want to marry someone who’s this good with a chainsaw. But lucky for Stacy Poitras, Alison Eastwood doesn’t see it that way. The actress-director (and daughter of film legend Clint Eastwood) has said yes to CMT’s Chainsaw Gang star Stacy Poitras. His Twitter bio describes him as a one of a kind artist who can “carve anything with a chainsaw.” (Kind of sounds like he could star in a Clint Eastwood movie, doesn’t it?) Poitras actually asked for Alison’s hand a few years ago, and People magazine reports he gave Poitras his blessing. Or, his permission anyway. “Clint is a cool guy … but he’s definitely a man of few words. I quietly asked him when we were alone if it would be all right if I asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage,” Poitras said. “He coolly looked me in the eye and softly said, ’You better take that up with her,’ to which I replied, ’So, I have your permission?’ And he said, ’Yes.'” I just can’t wait to see what he’ll carve his bride for a wedding gift.

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