OFFSTAGE: Dierks Bentley Greets a Tearful Teen Mom

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Who is Adam? And why would he stop anyone from meeting Dierks Bentley? That’s what I just don’t understand about this clip from MTV’s Teen Mom 2 . Chelsea Houska from South Dakota — one of the stars from this reality show that is the spinoff of 16 and Pregnant — is clearly a huge fan of Bentley. In fact, when she and her girlfriends are getting ready to meet him, she says, “I don’t wanna be, like, that loser that cries!” But ultimately, she is kind of that loser that cries. And Bentley couldn’t be nicer to her. “You guys look great. Thanks for coming out tonight,” he says. “Excited?” Then he tells Houska he likes her plaid shirt and they all take pictures. But back to this Adam. Once the girls are having their post-Bentley debriefing, one asks Houska, “Aren’t you glad Adam [Lind] didn’t stop you from meeting Dierks Bentley?! Adam was gonna stop you.” That sounds like the kind of guy no one needs to hang on to.

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