OFFSTAGE: Eric Church’s Wife Loves Him Like Jesus Does

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Here’s what I know about Eric Church : He’s a back-row sinner at a tent revival. He’s a good ol’ boy drinking whiskey and rye on the levee. He gets crazy in his dreams. But his wife believes in him. She carries him when his sins make him heavy. She forgives him. And she loves him like Jesus does. That’s the gist of Church’s new single “Like Jesus Does.” And he says those lyrics have even more meaning now since his son Boone was born a little over a year ago. “When you are having a kid, it’s a totally different thing. That song’s a lot about that. I have a ton of imperfections. I have always been open about that,” he said. And he admits his wife Katherine has always made him better than who he was. “I think that now, in recording that song before finding out we were pregnant, and listening to it now, it’s an even deeper meaning.”