OFFSTAGE: Keith Urban on American Idol‘s New Season of Killer Singers

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As if I wasn’t counting the minutes until Wednesday’s (Jan. 16) premiere of American Idol, now Keith Urban says there are killer singers. He didn’t say if they were Carrie Underwood /Kelly Clarkson good, but he certainly made it sound like a must-watch season. When he was on the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday, Extra’s Mario Lopez asked Urban if American Idol was everything he thought it would be . “Yeah, I thought it would be crazy, insane, fun. Putting the fun back in dysfunction,” Urban said. “It’s completely all those things, and we’ve got some killer singers. That’s the big thing about this year.” Even Urban’s wife Nicole Kidman seemed to be looking forward to the show, telling Lopez she’d be at the tapings and the live shows. Both Urban and Kidman were nominated for Golden Globes this year.

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