OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift Sends Bus to Pick Up Fan for Lunch

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Who knew a hashtag could wield this much power? This one — #OperationGetKaylaToMeetTaylorSwift — worked so well, it brought Kayla Kincannon to Nashville for lunch with Taylor Swift . Kincannon has been fighting brain cancer and brain tumors since 2011 but has been a Swift fan for much, much longer. So the suburban Detroit teenager’s family and friends had started a social media campaign to get her to meet Swift. They probably considered it a long shot because of Swift’s busy schedule and international travels. Yet somehow it just worked, and Swift and Kincannon were having lunch in Tennessee. Kincannon had this status update on her Facebook page to thank everyone for their support. “My mom received a call from a little lady named Andrea Swift, and apparently I’ll be busy Saturday (Jan. 19) waiting for Taylor Swift’s tour bus to arrive to pick me up at the place I’m staying in TN, on a four hour drive to take me to lunch with a little known country singer named Taylor Swift,” she wrote. After lunch, her family posted on Kincannon’s website, “This was no quick meet and greet photo opp.” Lunch with the Swift women lasted two hours. But the memories of that lunch? I’m pretty sure those will last forever.

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