OFFSTAGE: Tim McGraw-Taylor Swift Duet: Lyrics You’ll Love

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You know that feeling you get when you see song lyrics and already love the song — before you’ve even heard one single second of it? Well, that’s about to happen. Because these lyrics to the Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift collaboration on “Highway Don’t Care” are that moving. It looks like there are going to be a lot of “I can’t live without you” references in the chorus, but what I think will be the better hook is this line: “The highway don’t care, but I do.” The story is essentially about a breakup, and McGraw is telling his love that he knows she’s driving (too fast) away from him and trying not to think, so she turns on the radio. Then comes the line, “That song is always on, so you sing along.” And as good as it feels to hit the road and drive, there are things the highway just can’t do. The highway won’t hold you tonight, doesn’t know you are alive, doesn’t care if you are all alone, won’t dry your tears, doesn’t need you here and doesn’t care if you are coming home. McGraw and Swift sing that part together. And when his album Two Lanes of Freedom comes out on Feb. 5, I’ll finally get to hear this duet I already love.

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