OFFSTAGE: Kelly Clarkson Finds Love After Skinny Jeans

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Wait. We’re comparing boyfriends to jeans now? Is that a thing? It must be — because that is exactly how Kelly Clarkson explains why true love had been eluding her until now. “I was dating skinny jeans, and I needed Wranglers,” she told People magazine. So her Wranglers must be Brandon Blackstock, stepson of Reba McEntire . He and Clarkson are engaged to be married this fall. Clarkson said that until he came along, she’d never been loved properly by a man. And in her my-life-is-an-open-book way, she also described vividly what she was wearing when Blackstock proposed: Uggs, a sweatshirt and no bra. At least she wasn’t wearing the aforementioned skinny jeans.

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