CMT Blog: “God Made a Farmer” Super Bowl Ad Grabbed America’s Attention

Super Bowl ads are designed to get your attention. Major companies spend millions of dollars, cast supermodels and try every eye-popping pyro trick they can to stand out above the crowd. So it was a huge surprise that one of the biggest ads of the night contained none of those things. The powerful “God Made a Farmer” ad by Ram Trucks is a simple two-minute salute to the men and women who feed the world. Featuring the voice of the late radio commentator Paul Harvey, it spoke to the commitment and values of America’s farming families and managed to outshine even Beyoncé’s over-the-top halftime show. This message and the imagery that accompanied it made it one of the most talked about moments of the night. With the media attention surrounding the spot, it proved to be an effective message for Ram — and for America.

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