OFFSTAGE: Slutty Rayna, Jealous Deacon, Bossy Juliette: All on Nashville

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

You know how people always say they love country music for the stories it tells? Well, I’m starting to love Nashville for the sordid stories it tells. The episode that aired Wednesday (Feb. 13) was all about the revolving door in and out of Rayna’s sex life and how jealous that made her former guitar player and former (and possibly current) lover Deacon. And then there was the subplot of Juliette losing her ever-loving mind in the middle of the night screaming at her band and crew and watching her manager quit. There were other subplots going on, too, but none as juicy as these.

Here’s the bottom line. Rayna and Teddy had to tell their kids they were getting divorced. She was stressed out, so she made out with her producer Liam. (A man who initially told Rayna, “Your moms and SUVs — that’s a language I just don’t speak.”) Ultimately, they did tell their daughters, and Maddie later told her mom, “He’s still with that woman. I thought you should know.” She’d overheard Teddy on the phone with Peggy — played by Brad Paisley ’s wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley — saying, “It just feels right being with you. I mean honestly, Peggy, it’s the only time I ever really feel like myself anymore.” Nice sentiment, wrong woman.

Then there was Juliette’s hotel rampage. She wakes up her band and crew because it’s “time for reckoning.” And she tells them that she is their┬áboss. Only it sounded more like, “You are my employees. You work for me. Not this man. Me. Whatever I say gets done. And if anybody ever goes behind my back to my band, to my crew or anybody else, you’ll be right back at the county fair lookin’ for your next teen queen.” With drama this good, who needs reality TV?