OFFSTAGE: What Will Happen to Mindy McCready’s Sons?

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Ever since Mindy McCready ’s tragic death on Sunday (Feb. 17), there’s been speculation on what might happen with her two sons, Zander, 6, and Zayne, 10 months. Zander’s father Billy McKnight appeared on NBC’s Today to share what he hopes will happen to his son. “He needs to come home,” he said. McKnight talked openly about how Zander was in Arkansas all alone and said, “He shouldn’t have been taken from me to begin with. It’s been a really big mess.” And even though Zander’s half-brother Zayne has a different father (the late David Wilson, who died of a gunshot wound in January), McKnight, who resides in Florida, said he’d like to keep the brothers close. McCready was awarded full custody of Zander in 2012, but both her sons were removed from her home earlier this month by the Arkansas Department of Human Services. And McKnight has been fighting for Zander’s custody since before McCready’s death. Another possible home for both boys would be that of Gayle Inge, McCready’s mother and Zander’s one-time legal guardian. She hasn’t made a statement about the fate of her grandsons since her daughter’s death, but if the boys do end up in Inge’s Florida home, then Zander would be able to live close to his father.