OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood on Filling Julie Andrews’ Shoes

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Carrie Underwood cannot fill Julie Andrews’ shoes. She will do her best, I’m sure, when she plays Maria Von Trapp in the live TV broadcast of The Sound of Music later this year. But Underwood thinks she will never be as good as Julie Andrews, who played the same role in the 1965 movie. “At some point, I would love to meet her just because she is someone I grew up watching and listening to,” Underwood told CMT Radio. “But no one can touch her. I am not her, and I will never be her.” Underwood obviously thinks Andrews holds an iconic place in so many people’s hearts. Her plan is to read the script, watch other musicals and “kind of get into the whole musical space versus the movie space.” Sounds like that will work wonders. Andrews told the Wall Street Journal she endorses the new production of the musical and that she would love to get to know Underwood.