OFFSTAGE: Vintage Kenny Chesney Song Feels Brand New

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

So, there’s this song called “Lindy” on Kenny Chesney ’s upcoming album, Life on a Rock, and he says he wrote it seven years ago. To put that into perspective, that would’ve been around the same time Chesney was recording “Beer in Mexico,” which he also wrote, along with his songs “Who You’d Be Today” and “Living in Fast Forward.” All great tunes. So does this new one sound old, or does he take an old one and make it new again? I’d say a little bit of both because it’s classic Chesney and the plot line is based on an island somewhere. Lindy is, I think, a homeless man who Chesney says strolls around and around and around. “He plays piano at the church when nobody’s watching/Takes cigarettes from strangers/And sometimes you see him talking to himself/Laughing to himself.” According to a press release, the song was written to “distill the sweet spirit of an island man who seemed to never have a home, yet was at home wherever he wandered.” That’s certainly a nice way of saying he’s homeless. “Everybody knew Lindy. You’d just see him, walking along, talking to himself,” Chesney said in the release. “Never quite sure what or whether he knew what was going on, and yet he always had a smile on his face, and sometimes you really would see him playing piano in the little church when nobody was watching.” If you preorder Chesney’s new album at iTunes, you get “Lindy” as an instant download. And if you want to go a little deeper into vintage Chesney territory and hear more songs about men who are overcoming tough times, listen to “That’s Why I’m Here” and “The Tin Man.” And for one about an island-dwelling local who’s actually doing really well, try “The Life.”