OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood Debunks Her Wikipedia Myths

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This is why you cannot always trust Wikipedia (The Free Encyclopedia). On their list of notable Scottish Americans, they have Carrie Underwood ’s name. But is she? “That’s on my Wikipedia, and I don’t know why. Someone keeps putting it up there. According to that page, I’m also a member of a Native American tribe,” she told the British newspaper The Guardian in a recent Q&A . “We keep changing it, and they keep changing it back. They’re adamant I’m Scottish.” But then she admits it’s possible that she could be a little Scottish and maybe even a little Irish. Underwood’s father told her that her great-great-grandfather was born in Ireland, but he didn’t say where in Ireland. “I sent him a text asking him, and he never texted back,” she said. “I was like, “I should know this.” I’m playing there soon, and I’m sure if I say, ’My great-great-grandpa Green was born here,’ the fans would want to know where, and I’d have to say, ’Dad never texted me back.'”