OFFSTAGE: Kellie Pickler Is Terrified to Jive

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Oh, sure. Kellie Pickler made it through this week’s Dancing With the Stars . But what about next week, when she has to jive? “I’m terrified about next week because it’s jive,” she told CMT Radio during a Wednesday morning (March 27) interview. She admitted that this week’s jazz was easy for her because she was able to show off her flexibility, which she said is one of her strengths. But with the upcoming jive dancing, she’s going to be showing off her weaknesses. “It’s so different because when you’re cheerleading, you don’t move that way,” she said. “With cheerleading, it’s really stiff and it’s tight. I tend to look really stiff when I jive. Jive and jazz could not be more opposite.” Then again, it sounds like she has faith in her dance partner Derek Hough because he isn’t going to make her do anything that he knows she can’t do. “Whatever I do is a reflection of him, as well,” she said. Pickler added that she was devastated to see fellow contestant Dorothy Hamill leave the show Tuesday night on orders of her spinal surgeon.

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