OFFSTAGE: Brad Paisley’s Workaholic Tendencies

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Brad Paisley thinks his wife, Kimberly Williams Paisley, would describe him as a workaholic. He told Parade magazine she might say that because of the way he struggles a little with that ever-elusive balance in life. “It is tough and frustrating sometimes. When you’re a creative person, there are just times when you’re not listening,” he admitted. “You know, I could be looking right at you and thinking about something else.” But it sounds like he’s trying. He told the magazine that when he does have a day off, he and his sons play on the bulldozers at home, go to the zoo or watch Battlestar Galactica. As for his wife’s current gig, playing home wrecker Peggy Kenter on ABC’s Nashville, Paisley is not a fan because of how real the drama is. “I can’t watch it. It is really good, but it’s disturbing to me, too close to what I do. It’s like if I was in the CIA, I don’t know if I’d watch Homeland,” he said. “But I’m not, so I do.”

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