The Band Perry: The CMT Hot 20 Countdown Interview

Group Releases New Album, Pioneer

The Band Perry spent the past year and a-half recording their second album, Pioneer. The result is an edgier album that features the sibling trio pushing musical boundaries without sacrificing their signature sound.

“For us, Pioneer is about venturing into the unknown, knowing you’re going to get where you’re headed but not necessarily knowing the path that you’ll take,” says Reid Perry.

Kimberly Perry, the band’s lead singer, adds, “I remember when there were some moments when we walked out of the studio and we were like high-fiving. And we were like, ’We just went there.’ This is probably the boldest musical moment we made yet.”

In an interview with CMT Hot 20 Countdown , the band stated that their new music reflects a rock ’n’ roll attitude that was honed from their live performances. That influence can be heard in “Better Dig Two,” the project’s first single. The band’s artistic new music video, “Done,” premiered this week.

“When we made our first album, we were playing theaters and small venues,” Neil Perry notes. “But when we were making this one, we were opening for some of the biggest acts in country music, so we were playing in arenas and amphitheaters. We had to make songs that accommodated that as well.”

“Fat Bottom Girls” by the classic rock group Queen was a staple of The Band Perry’s set list last year. They say the music of Queen was also a huge influence while recording Pioneer.

“We listened to them more making this album than ever before,” Kimberly says. “Freddie Mercury remains my favorite frontman of all time. He had something so fluid about his motions onstage, but he commanded these thousands and thousands of people who were right in the palm of his hand.”

She adds, “I think country music is the last rock ’n’ roll frontier. It’s such a wonderful genre because it accommodates so many different American sounds.”

Following up their breakthrough, platinum debut album did come with some pressure, but they say their past success didn’t overshadow what they wanted to accomplish with Pioneer.

“This is the story of us going from point ’A’ on our first album, knowing that we had to deliver again,” she says. “We did not want to be a one-hit wonder. And not only that, we wanted to grow and give the fans a glimpse where we wanted to go musically and who we are as people.”