OFFSTAGE: Keith Urban Says His Girls Are “Gypsy Kids”

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Traveling with kids has got to be tough. Unless those kids are just so used to it that they are perfect little angels, even on international flights. That’s how I picture Keith Urban ’s daughters Sunday and Faith to be. He told E! News what it’s like to have a family and a jet-setting lifestyle. “That’s all they’ve ever known. Traveling is all they’ve ever done. Since the minute they were born, they were traveling,” he said. “Both of them are just gypsy kids.” As for his own upcoming travel, he admitted he’s anxious to bring his tour back to Ireland, Scotland and especially Germany. “We played in Berlin quite a few years ago, and a lot of guys come out and see us in Germany because of the guitar playing,” Urban recalled. He even got them to sing along in English to one of his songs. And after the show, he found some video of the show. “They were singing English lyrics, but with the thickest German accents,” he laughed, “and it sounded amazing.” Verwundernd, indeed.

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